Nicki Minaj's Anaconda: Totally Unacceptable

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J.S.B. Morse was right when he said that “A pure heart is superlatively rare and even more attractive.” I am ashamed, truly ashamed for what the world has to face today and while I realize that “Ignorance is not innocence, but a sin.” I decide to speak up.

Seeing Nicki Minaj’s new video clip “Anaconda” has got my temperature rising, indeed I felt the heat run through my body and boil my brain as I read some of the comments under the video complimenting her physique and how she seduces men with her derriere. In fact, my brain was boiling because I was ashamed that these are the standards that media has reached. I ask myself, why has the video really attracted so many views? Is it the quality music or is it really the stripping? I mean the lyrics videos haven’t really got that many views right? Well one of the comments on YouTube said “The song itself was terrible, it made my ears bleed.”

 My dear friends I am worried about our morals heading south and it doesn’t m  matter whether we are Muslims or  Christians. At the end of the day, none of us  really want this type of pornography into our homes. Yes, I call it  pornography  because you wouldn’t want your children to watch a video clip like that and  unfortunately these video clips  have not only made its way on the internet but  also on television. I bet it’s not just your children that are victims but also  our  men and women, our husbands and wives. How would your wife or girlfriend  feel when you watch a video clip like  that and admire Nicki’s body and how  would a woman feel about herself? Worthless and ugly right? Keeping in mind  that your lady haven’t had one plastic surgery and has probably given birth  before more than once.

 First of all, you girls out there, no you are not worthless. In fact you are innocent  and should not take such video clips as  an idol or an example. All God’s creations  are wonderful and it is not right in any religion in the world to go out naked,  twerking in front of the whole world because your are not only hurting your  innocence but damaging the purity and  thoughts of other. Second, we all know  that when a man chooses the companion of his life, he chooses an innocent girl  that he knows would raise his children on the best morals and ethics so do not  bother what people say about naked  women in the media because you know  who wins at the end of the day. Third and most importantly, remember God. No  matter what religion you have, remember that God would not like what you are  watching. Remember that one day you  will be asked about the sins you have  committed and as I mentioned earlier ignorance is not innocence, but a sin and  no  one wants to be a sinner.


It does not end there, Bryant Mcgill once said “Innocence still lives within our  heart and the child within each of us knows right from wrong.” This means that  no matter how much we have sinned, innocence is never lost and can be  regained for we all know what is right and what is wrong. We just put ourselves  in denial.

Topic: Nicki Minaj's Anaconda: Totally Unacceptable

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