We interact with people on a daily basis, some of them are close and some are mere strangers. We build memories with every relationship we have and it's obvious that we all want to have happy memories. It is unfortunate however that most relationships start happy and with time these happy memories start to become sad ones. When I say relationships I don’t just mean the relationship we have with our companions (boyfriend, fiancé or husband). I also mean the relationships that we have with our parents, friends, brothers and sisters. It is normal that we argue with people who are part of our lives but what’s not normal is when these arguments take over our relationships and control us instead of us controlling them. Arguments that occur are usually because no matter how mutual our personalities might be with our partner, there are still differences that are inevitable. However, what is evitable are cues that cause pitfalls in the relationships. I personally think it is extremely important for every one of us to acknowledge these cues and realize that there are ways to avoid and fix them. This is why this page is created!


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