I don't really want to introduce my self the traditional way...telling you my name and what I do in life...

I want you to know who I am through my beliefs and I think it is more important to know that every experience in life has taught me a lesson rather than simply mentioning who I am through the things we are forced to do on a daily basis to have a living and earn money a.k.a. Education and occupation. I do not want to be defined by what I do in life and therefore I will start by mentioning that:

 The first and foremost important lesson that life taught me  is that "SATISFACTION is the key to happiness". We  have all been let down alot but at the end of the day what  makes up happy or sad is our level of satisfaction with  what we do and what we have. I believe that God gives  each of us tears and laughter parallel to each other and i  it's just a matter of which half of the cup you decide to  focus on; the full or the empty.

One other lesson that life has taught me is "SAY good words to HEAR good echo." Life is a relationship of give and take. Do not expect to get good deeds from people when all you give them is bad deeds and hurt; the same applies vice versa. Helping others is one of the most wonderful and beautiful things that give back to us because at the end of the day we get affected by our actions. If we hurt others, we will get hurt; If you heal others, we will heal our selves.

I can't speak long enough about what life has taught me but I would like to stop at this quote, "NEVER lose HOPE". Trust me when I say that hope makes the impossible, possible. If you believe in something and put all your hope and determination into making it come true, it will come true. 


Now let me get to the more traditional way of introducing myself. 

I am a student at the American University of Sharjah. I study public relations and I love to write. Writing is simply my inspiration because I fail to express my feelings verbally but I very much suceed in writing them down in the form of a story or a poem that conveys a message. 

Keeping in mind that I have alot of experience in relationships and have studied alot of fields in psychology, I decide to have a section of this blog to be about relationships because LIFE IS MADE UP OF RELATIONSHIPS and knowing how to make the best out of our relationships makes a huge difference in our lives.

There is also a tab under the title 'guest book' where I would love if you share your opinion about relationships or even any problems that you might have. You never know, I migt be of help to your problems. Please keep in mind that you have the full freedom to be anonymous with any comment or question that you have.

I hope you find yourself in my blog!