Naked Around You

I try to write all my words down on sheets

Connecting them to all my heart beats

But couldn't find the words that fit

So I shelter myself between my words

And for you I blunt down all my swords

I let you break through my wall

Cause I know you'll catch me if I fall

And darling I fell for you

And you held me so delicate like a flower dipped in dew

You held that broken heart of mine

You took me from shattered to fine

You fixed my heart back to whole

And you've smoothly outlined my soul

You've engrossed your beauty in my thrive

And I no longer abide to survive

Cause I know you're there by my side

I don't need no more to hide

You've changed my life and erased my blues

Cause darling I'm naked around you

Topic: Naked Around You

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