Farewell Victor Frankenstein

Written by me

Published in: https://untitledchapters.com/2013/09/15/farewell-victor-frankenstein/#more-1661

Thank you doctor, I felt no pain,

How could you awaken my brain?

He turns his back and walks away,

Doesn’t he realize I was born today?

He left me all alone and went down town,

He gave me life to put me down!

I’ll go headfirst there might be good,

I realize I’m not wanted in this neighborhood.

It’s not the district; it’s how I rave.

Every part of me taken from a grave!

I still insist to embrace what I do,

It felt valuable cause it was all new.

It’s English I’ve learned through peeking,

Now a mother tongue I’m always speaking.

I find who bailed on me at last,

I request a mate for me to cast.

You made me Adam and I ask for my Eve,

I’m lonely and all I feel is grief.

Hello, respond to my call!!

Ain’t I here at all?!?

Excuse my tone, I am in despair.

Please don’t treat me like I’m not there.

Accusing me of murder?!

You know I wouldn’t dare!

Why do you insist I would kill?

It was only a drowning girl I was holding still.

So now that I’m shot,

Doesn’t matter if I’m good or not!

Please understand my agitation,

Don’t just refute my argumentation.

Fine! I admit it,

It’s a simple crime I committed.

Just create me a companion with whom I can flee,

Make me a lady with whom I can be.

I shall be gone to a place you won’t find,

I promise I will throw the past behind.

Why do you harden yourself to my complaints?

You’re burning the ashes to all that remains.

Then, I no more want to live.

No one would want such lives you give.

So farewell Victor Frankenstein,

Let my spirit sleep in benign.