Agony in Grace

Written by me 

Silence after so much noise

Indignity after all the poise


Being in a situation of truth and lies

Asking myself what really defies


Between the morals that has been built

And being deceived with guilt

I’m not emotionless, I’m rather a flower starting to wilt


Feeling warm in summer and watching the snow melt

And suddenly I freeze up, I don’t know what I felt


Being left all alone in the middle of my fears

Trying to smile, holding back my tears


Silence burning like fire inside my heart

I am unable to pull myself together, I’m torn apart


I miss him is all I can say

Trying to make it through another day


Tears fill up each eye

But I regain control, I won’t cry


I’m leaving the pain bottled inside

Because I know there’s no place to hide


I suck it all up and smile anyway

I try to live my life day by day


I put on a happy face

To deal with my agony in grace

Topic: Agony in Grace

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